Sample Licensing Agreement Intellectual Property

There are a number of rights for certain uses and media that museums have recently begun to consider when licensing the content of others. In many of these uses, it is possible that the licensee will allow only a limited extract of the general license and that the use of larger parts or entire works requires an additional separate license, probably for a surcharge. This includes: The owner of the content may limit who can access the content where (see authorized website below). It is important to ensure that this part of the agreement is broad enough to serve all your employees and, if necessary, the public. Your definition of authorized users may be a bargaining point regarding your license right. When negotiating your license, ask yourself if you can get a lower fee by limiting the volume of users. Museum as a licensee: some support may be required for the buyer to make the content fully and continuously accessible. What is appropriate and at what cost? It would be great to provide unlimited resources, but you have to look within your own budget and staff requirements to see what is right for you and still profitable in terms of content licensing. An automatic renewal clause is very welcoming in many cases because it means that if both parties are satisfied with the agreement, it will continue and you will not have to renegotiate the licence. If one of the parties is dissatisfied with the license, each party may terminate the licence or begin its renegotiation. However, remember that if you do nothing, then the agreement will be automatically renewed. Determine whether this is compatible with the operation of your museums, i.e. a contractual obligation automatically intervenes without any concrete action.

In other words, while automatic renewal has its advantages, it may mean pursuing a license for an electronic product that you no longer use simply because you have not informed the content owner that the license will not be renewed. Another approach, with a successful licence, is to enter into a contract letter signed by both parties shortly before the end of the licence, in which it is stated that each party wants the licence to be maintained for an additional period, for example. B a year.