Software Development And Consulting Services Agreement

REMINDER BOX. (Client) intends to provide software development and consulting services in accordance with the following conditions and to offer Eric Woods of DataMethodology, LLC (Consultant): (a) Work Product. During the performance of the services, the contractor and its directors, executives, employees or other representatives may, independently or in connection with the company [company name], develop information, produce work products or obtain other results for the company in relation to the services it provides to the company. c) Moral rights. The contractor also undertakes to waive all moral rights relating to the labour product, including, but not exclusively, all rights to authorize, limit or limit use and subsequent modifications. . Advice contract – Matt Safaii – September 08, 2014 by Nevada ITSolutions (e) Return of Property. At the end of the agreement, the contractor undertakes to provide the company with all print, electronic, audiovisual and other tangible manifestations of the work product, including all original copies and copies of the work product. Save my name, email address and website in this browser for the next time I will make a comment. . Your email address will not be published. The required fields are identified – This ACCORD is done on July 2, 2001 (effective date) by and between Arbitron Inc., a Delaware company (“Arbitron”) with offices at 142 West 57th Street, New York, New York 10019 and Statistical Research, Inc.

(“SRI”). Address: [Address] Attn: Chief Executive Officer Fax: [Fax] Email: [email] . This second amendment to the software development and advisory agreement will be implemented on March 11, 2009 (effective date) between SUMOTEXT, Inc. (formerly Reminderbox, Inc.) (“SUMOTEXT”) and Atreides, LLC (“adviser” and “agreement”), individually a “party” and together the “parties.” The parties executed this agreement at the time of the aforementioned date. d) assistance. The contractor also undertakes to provide all appropriate assistance provided by the company, both during and after the duration of this agreement and with respect to the establishment, maintenance and performance of the company`s rights to the work product. b) the property. The contractor accepts that this information, working products and other results, systems and information developed by the contractor and/or the company in connection with these services (hereafter referred to as “work product”) are the exclusive property of the company.